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Dominion Personal Data Policy

This policy describes the privacy practices relating to personally identifiable data that you share with us at Dominion English School.

We gather and retain such information as is necessary for us to enrol and educate our students, provide accommodation when requested, and comply with our responsibilities under the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016. The information may be provided to us directly by a student, or the student’s parents or legal guardian for students younger than 18. It may also be provided to us by a language travel consultant (retailer), with the consent of the student or student’s parents.

Dominion only gathers such information as we require to successfully manage your enrolment and studies with us. If you decline to supply information that we require to process your enrolment, we may be unable to enrol you for the course of study that you have selected.

We gather data from you for the following purposes:

  • Course enrolment and the providing of ancillary services
  • Billing
  • Gathering feedback from you on your experience at Dominion
  • Ensuring we meet our pastoral care responsibilities
  • Complying with any legal or regulatory requirements

You can see what data we require from you by visiting the Enrol Now page of our website at

When you arrive at school, we are legally required to collect copies of your passport, visa, insurance details, and contact details for you while you are studying with us. We also need the contact details of someone we can contact in case of an emergency.

During your course, we will also record your class attendance, progress reports and test scores. We will note in our Student Management System (SMS) database any information relating to your health and conduct that we consider important in helping us to promote your well-being and maintain the school’s expectations for safe and appropriate behaviour.

Host Families

If a family applies to become a host family for Dominion students, we will collect information directly from the family, including contact details and details of all people living in the home. We will also request bank details so that we can make payments. We will retain on our SMS feedback from students about their experience staying with the host family and notes regarding any inspection visits we have carried out. We will undertake police checks on all adults living in the home and retain the results of these checks.

Who we share your data with

Personal data is viewed only by those staff within Dominion whose job requires them to access such data. Dominion reserves the right to verify students’ immigration status and discuss their student visa application with Immigration New Zealand or an appropriate third party to obtain information regarding the processing of the visa application and the decision on the application.
We will not rent or sell personally-identifying information to anyone.

Student Data

During your course, if we need to issue attendance warning letters or letters involving warnings for inappropriate behaviour, we may send copies of these to your language travel consultant. This is so that they can help advise you on the best course of action for you to avoid further warnings and associated consequences. In the case of students aged under 18, we will certainly inform both the student’s language travel consultant and parents of any such warnings. We will also send regular progress reports for junior students to parents and language travel consultants. In order to fulfil our pastoral care responsibilities for junior students, we will inform language travel consultants and parents of any health or behavioural issues that are causing us concern.

If you request to stay in a homestay, we will share some of your personal information with the host family, including relevant health issues. This is done so that the host family can help us to ensure that you remain safe and healthy during your time at Dominion.

Under New Zealand government regulations, we are required to share some personal student data with the New Zealand Ministry of Education. This data is: name, date of birth, passport number, country of citizenship, type of visa, course type and length of course.

If you are studying on a student visa, we are required to notify Immigration New Zealand if your attendance is low or if you shorten your course.

How long we retain your data

Data relating to your time at Dominion is not automatically deleted after a set period of time, as it resides on our SMS. If you request that your data be deleted, we will do so when the data is no longer legally required.

You have the right to access the personal data that Dominion retains about you, and to correct inaccurate data.


For more information, you can contact Dominion at or by phone at +64 9 377 3280.