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Enrolment Conditions

TO ENROL: Visit your local agent OR complete the enrolment form and email to: OR fax to: +64 9 377 3473 OR go to

CONTACT DETAILS: All students must provide Dominion with contact details in New Zealand and their home country and notify us if these change during their studies.

VISA REQUIREMENTS: All students must have a valid visa for the period of their enrolment.

ACCOMMODATION is arranged only for the duration of the studies, except in special circumstances.

ALL STUDENTS UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YEARS OLD who have no legal guardian permanently resident in New Zealand, must stay at Dominion arranged accommodation. Dominion must be provided with the Parent/Guardian’s contact details.

CLASSES: While students can start any Monday of the year, at DOS discretion fees may be transferred to the equivalent of individual tuition if a suitable class at the appropriate level is unavailable.

STUDENT FEES PROTECTION POLICY: Dominion English School has placed in a Static Trust, managed by the Public Trust, the sum of all tuition and accommodation fees paid in advance, by our current and future students. The Static Trust is managed by the Public Trust, which is owned by the New Zealand Government. When making a claim under this policy, students should contact the Trustee for all unused portions of monies paid: Public Trust, Level 3, 205 Great South Road, Greenlane, Auckland.

STUDENT PERSONAL (TRAVEL, HEALTH & MEDICAL) INSURANCE: Students must have comprehensive insurance from the date of their departure from their native country to the date of their return. If students arrange their own they must provide a copy of their insurance policy on their first day. The insurance policy must be from a reputable and established travel insurance company, with a credit rating no lower than A from Standard & Poors, or B+ from AM Best. The insurer must provide emergency 24 hour / 7 day per week insurance cover. It is recommended that insurance policies provide for unlimited health cover. The student must provide details of what the insurance covers and provide the dates of the insurance cover. Students should be sure to disclose any pre-existing medical or health issues. Failure to do so may affect their insurance coverage. Dominion can assist and invoice for New Zealand Government approved insurance if requested.

PRIVACY: In terms of the Privacy Act, information is collected as part of the essential information the school holds on the student. The records made from this information may be viewed on request at the school. The school may transfer this information to other educational authorities. Dominion may take photographs and create videos of students during their time at the school. These photographs and videos remain the property of Dominion English Schools and may be used for marketing purposes.

Dominion reserves the right to verify students’ immigration status and discuss their student visa application with Immigration New Zealand or an appropriate third party to obtain information regarding the processing of the visa application and the decision on the application.

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: No compensation is given for days the school is closed. The normal weekly rate is payable for weeks in which there are holidays.


CANCELLATION POLICY: (Before arrival in NZ and including students whose visa applications are declined) All fees received are refunded, except for the Registration Fee and the Accommodation Placement Fee (if the placement has been made).


Withdrawal due to Health Reasons

If the student, for health reasons, is unable to continue their studies, they will be allowed to withdraw from their enrolment and all appropriate fees may be refunded, at the discretion of the Principal.

Termination of Enrolment for Disciplinary Reasons

Dominion has the right to terminate the enrolment of a student for repeated misbehaviour in class or school; attendance which falls below 70%; or serious misconduct, whether within the school or at any other location. For misbehaviour or attendance problems, the school operates a process of 3 warnings before termination. For serious misconduct, no warning will be given. No refund of fees will be made to any student following termination due to the reasons given above.

VOLUNTARY CLOSURE OR COURSE CESSATION: if Dominion voluntarily closes, or ceases to offer a course in which students are enrolled, a Pro Rata Refund will be made to affected students within five working days of the closure or cessation.

COURSE CLOSURE EVENT: students affected by a Course Closure Event will receive Pro Rata Refunds according to Rule 7 of the Student Fee Protection Rules 2013.

REFUNDS: All fees are converted to NZ$ on the day of receipt and the refund is the equivalent of the NZ$ value on the day of receipt. All applications for refunds must be accompanied by the original documents issued by Dominion, along with evidence that the documents were not used to obtain a visa to come to New Zealand. All refunded monies must go to the person from whom Dominion received the monies. Students will be notified of the result of their refund application within 7 days of receipt and refunds will be paid within fifteen days.

  1. For courses LESS than 5 weeks: Students may withdraw within the first 2 days of starting the course. Students will receive as a refund, 50% of all fees paid.

  2. For courses from 5 weeks to 12 weeks: Students may withdraw within the first 5 days of starting the course. Students will receive as a refund, 75% of all fees paid.

  3. For courses MORE than 12 weeks: Students may withdraw within the first 10 working days of starting the course. Students will be refunded in full less costs incurred up to a maximum of 25% of the fee total paid. We will give you the details of fees deducted.

  4. All other refunds are possible only in special circumstances approved by the Principal. The application for this refund must be made at least 2 weeks before the course is to end. Students will receive as a refund all the relevant fees less 30% handling fee. It is the responsibility of the student to contact their Agent or Dominion regarding the result of any application for such a refund.

LIABILITY: Dominion cannot be held responsible for any sickness, injury, damage or loss incurred within the school or on school activities. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange personal insurance. Dominion can provide information about insurance. Dominion cannot be held responsible for any school closure due to circumstances outside Dominion’s control. There is no refund in such circumstances. If the weather is unsuitable for any activity an alternative activity will be arranged (at Dominion’s discretion).

ACCIDENTS AND EMERGENCIES: Dominion staff are responsible during any accident or emergency. Dominion staff instructions must be followed. The school will take necessary action in the case of any sudden illness or emergency.

PERSONAL LIABILITY: The Law concerning personal liability in New Zealand is entirely contained in the Accident Compensation Act of 1982. No personal injury claim can be made against Dominion English Schools or any other company, organisation or any individual.